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Our Story

Love Always Ministries was founded in 2016, under the direction of Elizabeth Thornton, as a 501(c)3, non profit, non-denominational ministry.  Our early beginnings were motivated by a strong desire to help individuals embrace the freedom we have in Christ.

The demand for discipleship counseling and for those to receive teaching and training has exploded. God is good and the needs are great and He has blessed this ministry!  

Our ministry is based on 1 John 4:16 and Galatians 2:20.  Love and Grace.

Our Passion

Simply stated, we want every person whom God sends our way to experience the reality of Jesus Christ in them.  All of us have become experts at living our lives in our own strength apart from Jesus.  Our expertise leads to patterns of living that the Bible deems as sin or living according to the flesh.  Some of us have patterns that are “good” and some of us have patterns which are “bad”.  These result in conflicts in relationships and frustration with our own lives.  All of these sin patterns are sins Jesus not only died for, but also, made provision for us to overcome through our union with Him in His death, burial, and resurrection and seating in the heavenly realms.

We desire to help individuals experience the intimacy, power and freedom of knowing Christ in them as their Life.  This is called the New Covenant.  We provide our ministry through Biblical CounselingIn-Depth Teaching, and Discipleship Training.

Our Mission

Our mission is to glorify God by clearly communicating the message of the New Covenant in such a way that people’s lives are transformed forever by what they hear.

Our hope is to present a distinctly Biblical view and understanding of the manner

in which Christ would have us live our lives:

  1. To lead people to an accurate perception of God, knowing that seeing God more clearly  

      will draw people into a vibrant relationship with Him. 

  2. Proclaiming the life and full work of Jesus Christ and how knowing and living in this truth 

      results in an accurate perception of oneself.

  3. To encourage and direct believers to a life characterized by freedom, joyful obedience, 

      and meaningful relationships.

The mission is four-fold:

   • To counsel believers who are in need of spiritual and mental healing.

   • To bring non-believers the good news of the Gospel of Grace.

   • To educate others on how to counsel utilizing the Exchanged Life principles .

   • To provide seminars, conferences, and workshops to enhance Christian living.

Our Vision

Love Always vision is “While we continue to disciple and teach the New Covenant to the church at large, we continue to form ministry partnerships with local churches, Christian organizations, and Christian higher learning institutions for the express purpose of training leaders to teach the New Covenant to the body of Christ.”  (II Timothy 2:2)

Elizabeth Thornton
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